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Application of magnet
release time:2020-04-29

Many people have used them, but when asked about the detailed application of magnets in daily life, it is difficult to generalize.

Today, we will analyze in detail the relationship between magnets and our lives.

1. Electroacoustic equipment: All sound-generating equipment, such as mobile phones, televisions, sounds and headphones, are completed by using magnets as permanent external magnetic fields, coils and diaphragms to generate vibration.

Second, electronic equipment: dormant leather jacket for mobile phone war board computer.

3. Many items, such as luggage holsters, are fixed with magnets.

Fourth, the medical category: nuclear magnetic resonance, commonly used in medical examinations. It uses the interaction of the human body's magnetic field and the magnetic substance carried by the instrument to constitute detection and development, thereby assisting people to see the cause of the lesion. In other medical formulas, there are also many traces of the application of magnets, such as acupuncture and magnetic therapy, magnetic induction detectors, etc.

Fifth, in the field of daily electrical appliances, neodymium magnets have been widely used. Magnets are commonly used in induction cookers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances, so they can play a better role in environmental maintenance and safety.

Strong magnet, we all know that it is a solid sintered from rare earth NdFeB. Its magnetism is very strong and is used in many fields. It is also a common magnet with relatively large demand in the market. Its dimensions vary, ranging from thick to thin, and long and short. There are simple and complicated. In the years of consumption experience of our magnet manufacturers, the thickness and length of the magnet have a certain range. It is not necessary to think about it. It must match the characteristics of the magnet itself.

We often encounter customers asking if the magnet can be made as large or thin, in fact, these are all possible. However, if it is too large, its magnetic force is very strong, and it is very inconvenient when it is used. When it comes into contact with the strong magnet of ferrite products, it will be strongly attracted, and it is easy to smash the magnet. We will not recommend that customers use too much; secondly, the time when the magnet is too thin is also inconvenient when it is used. Because it is a rare earth, it is very easy to disconnect and the magnetic force is very strong.

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