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What should be paid attention to when transporting magnets
release time:2020-04-29

As a special product, how is the magnet transported? What should be paid attention to during transportation?

The transportation of magnets mainly pay attention to two types of problems, one is how to protect the magnet, and the other is how to prevent the damage to the surrounding environment and personnel caused by the magnetic field of the magnet. First of all, it must be ensured that the environment in which the magnet is stored during transportation is dry. If the humidity is relatively high, it will easily cause the magnet to rust. You can also use some anti-rust oil on the surface of the magnet to prevent the magnet from rusting. For magnets with plating, vacuum transportation should be used to prevent corrosion of the plating.

In addition, the transportation temperature must not be too high, and the magnet will generally demagnetize if it exceeds 80 degrees. Therefore, during transportation, try to keep it at room temperature. Secondly, in order to prevent collisions between the magnets during transportation, resulting in damage, the magnets should be separated by wooden boards. In the process of transportation, it is necessary to prevent violent bumps. During the transportation process, the operator should also handle it as lightly as possible.

The next step is to solve the problem of the impact of the magnetic field of the magnet on the environment. First, try not to transport magnets and computers, watches, and other items that are sensitive to magnetic fields. For the problem of how to shield the magnetic field, the easiest way is to wrap the magnet with an iron skin, or use carbon steel plate, and then arrange the magnet's magnetism to form a good magnetic circuit inside. When choosing a means of transportation, magnetic levitation trains and air transport are good choices, but the price will be higher, and if air transport is used, then the magnetic field shielding work will be more strict.

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