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Why can't strong magnets be too thin
release time:2020-04-29

Powerful magnet, we all know that it is a solid sintered from rare earth NdFeB. Its magnetic properties are very strong and it is used in many fields. It is also a common magnet with relatively large demand in the market. It has different shapes and sizes, ranging from thick to thin, and from long to short. It is simple and complex. In the years of production experience of our magnet manufacturers, the thickness and length of the magnet have a certain range. It is not as much as you want. It must conform to the characteristics of the magnet itself.

We often encounter customers asking whether the strong magnet can be made as large or thin, in fact, these are all acceptable. However, if it is too large, its magnetic force is very strong, and it is very inconvenient when it is used. When it comes into contact with a ferromagnetic product, this powerful magnet will suck it in, and it is easy to break the magnet and hurt people in serious cases, so We will not recommend customers to use too much; secondly, when the magnet is made too thin, it is also very inconvenient to use, because it is a rare earth, it is very easy to disconnect, coupled with strong magnetic force, it is easy to cause waste of product cost

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