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Use of different kinds of magnets
release time:2020-04-29

You want to understand different kinds of uses.

1. NdFeB permanent magnet is a modern strong magnetic permanent magnet, which is widely used. It is mainly used in various fields, such as electroacoustics, permanent magnet motors, communications, automotive electronics, magnetic machinery, aerospace, computers, household appliances, medical equipment, office automation, toys, packaging boxes, leather products, magnetic accessories, etc. .

2. Permanent magnet ferrites are used as permanent magnets in electric meters, generators, telephones, speakers, televisions and microwave equipment, as well as magnetic cores for recorders, pickups and speakers, as well as various instruments, as well as radar, communications, navigation and Permanent magnets in electronic equipment such as telemetry.

3. Samarium-cobalt magnets can work up to 300 degrees, have corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and are widely used in detectors, generators, radar, instruments and other scientific and technological fields.

4. Aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets are resistant to high temperature and corrosion. They are mainly used in motors, sensors, medical devices, hand tools, Twitter and various devices.

5. Rubber magnets are divided into same sex and opposite sex. The weak attraction of the same sex is mainly used for publicity (refrigerator magnets, car stickers, etc.), decorative gifts, refrigerator stickers, toys, teaching materials, etc. The strong attraction of the opposite sex magnet can be used for small motors, sensors, magnetic adsorption products, etc.

Understanding the use of different magnets is very important for businesses. Making full use of the characteristics of different magnets can better improve product performance.

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