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At the same time, the company has a professional team with rich experience, and has always attached great importance to the research and development of new products and technologies.
The skills and classification of magnets mainly include
release time:2020-04-29

1. Including lifting electromagnet, brake electromagnet, traction electromagnet, push-pull electromagnet, frame electromagnet, tubular electromagnet, rotating electromagnet, holding electromagnet, bidirectional corner electromagnet, suction cup electromagnet Iron, DC wet valve electromagnet, communication wet valve electromagnet, embroidery electromechanical magnet, permanent magnet chuck, magnetic steel corner electromagnet, automotive electromagnet, rotating electromagnet, flapping electromagnet, air valve electromagnet, active The electromagnetic system of electrical appliances, electromagnetic vibrator, and soft iron, silicon steel sheet, iron, jacket, iron core, coil, rectification control equipment and electromagnet production equipment used in electric power magnets. Electromagnetic iron remover, permanent magnet iron remover, magnetic separator, magnetic roller, magnetic sieve and other iron removing equipment and supporting equipment, etc.

Second, mainly used in aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, power electronics, coal, mining, power tools, transportation, lifting transportation, home appliances, motors, door locks, textiles, game machines, medical devices, fitness devices, Office equipment, vending machines, smart toys, building materials, chemicals, plastics, glass, ceramics, cement, papermaking, food, feed, water treatment and other professional producers, operators, professional buyers, overseas traders, colleges, universities Institutes and other related occupations.

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