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Technological process Product performance Introduction to Plating
Introduction to Plating
Corrosion resistance
Seed plating Coarse layer Thickness Colour Corrosion resistance Salt spray test
Nickel Ni Ni 10-20um Silvery white Good 24-48 hours
Ni Cu Ni
Black nickel Ni Cu Ni 10-20um Bright black Good 48-72 hours
Zinc Zn 5-8um Blue and white color Good 24-48 hours
C-Zn color zinc
Environmentally friendly zinc Zn 5-8um Colour Good 16-48 hours
C-Zn color zinc Good 24-72 hours
Tin Ni Cu Ni Sn 10-25um Tin color Excellent 48-72 hours
Gold Ni Cu Ni Au 6-10um Golden Excellent -
Silver Ni Cu Ni Ag 6-10um Silvery Excellent -
Epoxy Epoxy 10-25um Black/Grey Excellent 24-48 hours
Ni Cu Epoxy 10-25um 48-72 hours
Zn Epoxy 10-25um 48-72 hours
Tin - 1-2um Silver gray Temporary protection -
Phosphorus - 1-2um Silver gray Temporary protection -
Note: Due to different electroplating processes, the effect of salt spray may vary. The salt spray test effect of roller plating (small products) is generally better than that of hanging plating products (large size products).
Plate with nickel
Epoxy plating
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