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Multipole magnetization
Our factory innovates and develops. Develop various magnetizing coils and change the magnetic circuit design. The square and flat poles are widely used in the electronics industry. Square and circular multi-level products are widely used in the automotive industry and other industries. While ensuring their own suction, multi-level products have a more significant tensile force, reducing the cost of using adsorption products.
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1. Irregular magnet: Complex shape, performance, and plating can be customized
2. Performance includes: N33-N52.33M-52M, 33H-52H, 35SH-48SH33UH-45UH, 33EH-42EH,
3. Coatings include: galvanized (blue white), galvanized (colored) nickel copper nickel, nickel copper nickel tin, chemical nickel, epoxy, passivation, aluminum, aluminum epoxy, zinc aluminum, EverluberTeflon, Perrin coatings
4. Multipole magnet: The multi-pole mold is complete, which can achieve efficient samples and save time and cost
5. Specifications include: circular diameter 1mm to 300mm, thickness 0.6mm-100mm

Application industry

We mainly produce sintered neodymium iron boron products, N33-N52, 33M-52M, 33H-52H35SH-48SH, 33UH-45UH33EH-42EH neodymium iron boron series products, widely used in adsorption products, digital products, electroacoustics, motor products, sensing products, micro, large machinery, and so on.

Equipment parameters

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