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Black ring oxygen round magnet
  • Black ring oxygen round magnet

Black ring oxygen round magnet

Category:Horn magnet

Black ring oxygen round magnet, black epoxy magnet, black ring magnet, black magnet,

welcome for consultation. Dongguan Weida Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd., produces of all kinds of hardware, sintering, electroplating, high-performance magnets, rare earth permanent magnet motors, sintered Nd-Fe-B materials, customized accessories, etc.

Brief description: black epoxy magnetic steel is a kind of common magnetic steel. It is mainly used to coat the black epoxy resin on the surface of the magnet by electrophoresis. Generally, the thickness of the coating is not more than 0.04mm. Black epoxy magnetic steel has features of smooth surface, good corrosion resistance and wide application.

Features: 1. The magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B ring are much higher than that of ferrite; 2. The size accuracy of Nd-Fe-B ring is better than that of sintered Nd-Fe-B ring due to one-time forming; 3. The ring can be multipolar magnetized;            4. High working temperature, TW = 150 ℃;        5. good corrosion resistance;

Brand: BNP-3, BNP-6, BNP-8, BNP-8SR, BNP-9H, BNP-10, BNP-11, BNP-12L


Usage: stepper motor, brushless motor, DC motor, starting motor, DVD spindle motor, CD-ROM drive.

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