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NdFeB magnet steel product introduction

Product introduction of NdFeB magnet:

NdFeB permanent magnet materials came out in the early 1980s and are now widely used in motors, horns, toys, mobile phones, speakers, mining equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance, permanent magnet motors, and other products. The composition is Nd2Fe14B. It has extremely high magnetic properties and its maximum magnetic energy product [BHmax] is higher than that of ferrite.

How to make your magnetic machine last longer

1. Check before operation: 1.1 Whether the contact between the discharge scraper and the surface of the cylinder is normal: 1.2 Whether the amount of oil in the bearing and reducer is appropriate; 1.3 Whether the bolts are loose; 1.4 Whether the power supply is faulty; Objects.

Second, the reason for the occurrence of rust spots on the neodymium iron boron strong magnet and its avoidance

After the NdFeB strong magnet is left for a period of time, white or other color spots will appear on the surface, which will gradually develop into rust spots. Under normal circumstances, the plating magnet plating layer is not prone to rust spots. :

1. The magnet is stored in a place with humidity, poor air circulation, and temperature difference;

2. The dirt on the surface of the magnet before plating is not well cleaned;

3. Insufficient plating time or process flow problems;

4. Oxidation of the magnet caused by damage to the packaging seal of the magnet;

NdFeB strong magnet qualified electroplating products, under normal circumstances, the surface of the magnet plating layer should not appear rust spots.

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