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What are the precautions for using magnets

Publisher: Administrator Date:2023-04-14

Due to its strong magnetism and cost-effectiveness, powerful magnets have been used in many works to solve some of the structures and functions in products. How is it simpler to separate magnets due to their strong magnetism? Firstly, it is not advisable to use brute force to pull it open. Instead, the method of pushing and translating should be adopted, which makes it easier to separate the magnets. So when separating the magnets, use clever force to translate the magnets. Strong magnets, due to their strong magnetism and relatively brittle materials, can easily shatter if accidentally collided during use. Due to the unique nature of the material, it is not a product quality issue. When using magnets, we should avoid sudden collisions between the magnets.

1、 During the use of powerful magnets, it is important to ensure that the workplace is clean, so as not to simply adsorb small magnetic particles such as iron filings and affect their use. And the characteristic of neodymium iron boron raw material is hard and brittle, and if combined with suction, it can reach over 600 times its own weight, which is extremely easy to absorb and damage. In the process of operation together, it is necessary to pay great attention to avoiding collisions and damages for small specifications, and for large specifications, it is necessary to pay attention to personal safety and protection.

2、 When storing strong magnets, it is important to maintain indoor ventilation and dryness. Otherwise, if the environment is humid, it can easily cause the magnet to rust. Do not exceed the working temperature of the magnet when working together in the ambient temperature. For other products that are not electroplated, it is recommended to apply appropriate oil to prevent rust during storage, and for magnetized products, it is necessary to keep them away from objects such as magnetic disks, magnetic cards, magnetic tapes, computer monitors, watches, and other objects that have a relatively active magnetic field during storage. Due to the brittleness of the magnet raw material, it is necessary to ensure that the magnet does not receive severe impact during transportation, electroplating (coating), and installation. If the method is not appropriate, it can easily cause damage or cracking of the magnet. Therefore, when transporting strong magnets for magnetization, they should be shielded, especially during air transportation, which requires complete shielding.
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