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Why can't powerful magnets be made too thin

Publisher: Administrator Date:2023-04-14

A powerful magnet, as we all know, is a solid material sintered from rare earth neodymium iron boron. Its magnetism is very strong and has been used in many fields. It is also a common magnet with a high demand in the market. It comes in various shapes and sizes, ranging from thick to thin, to long and short. It is simple and complex. In our magnet manufacturer's years of production experience, the thickness and length of the magnet have a certain range, not just as much as you want. It must comply with the characteristics of the magnet's own product.

We often encounter customers asking if powerful magnets can be made as large as possible or as thin as possible, but in fact, these are all possible. But if it is made too large, its magnetic force is very strong, which is very inconvenient to use. When it comes to iron products, this strong magnet will forcefully absorb it, making it easy to break the magnet and in severe cases, it can harm people. Therefore, we do not recommend customers to use too large; Secondly, when the magnet is made too thin, it is also very inconvenient to use because it is rare earth and is very easy to disconnect. In addition, the strong magnetic force can easily cause product cost waste.

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