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What precautions should be taken when transporting magnets

Publisher: Administrator Date:2023-04-14

As a special product, how is a magnet transported and what should be paid attention to during transportation?

Magnet transportation mainly focuses on two types of issues, one is how to protect the magnet, and the other is how to prevent damage to the surrounding environment and personnel caused by the magnetic field generated by the magnet. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the environment in which magnets are stored during transportation is dry. If the humidity is high, it can easily lead to rusting of the magnets. You can also use some rust resistant oil to apply to the surface of the magnet, which can effectively prevent the magnet from rusting. For magnets with electroplated coatings, vacuum transportation should be used to prevent corrosion of the plating layer.

In addition, the temperature during transportation must not be too high. Magnets generally experience demagnetization problems when they exceed 80 degrees. Therefore, during transportation, it is recommended to maintain the temperature at room temperature as much as possible. Secondly, in order to prevent collisions and damage between magnets during transportation, wooden boards should be used to separate the magnets. During transportation, it is important to prevent intense collisions, and during handling, operators should also try to handle them with care.

Next, it is time to address the impact of magnetic fields on the environment. Firstly, try not to transport magnets together with items sensitive to magnetic fields such as computers and watches. The simple way to shield a magnetic field is to wrap the outside of the magnet with iron sheet or use carbon steel plate, and then arrange the magnetic properties of the magnet to form a good magnetic circuit inside. When choosing transportation methods, maglev trains and air freight are both good choices, but the price will be higher. Moreover, if air freight is used, the shielding of the magnetic field should be done more strictly.

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