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Weida Magnetic Industry - explaining motor magnets to you

Publisher: Administrator Date:2023-04-14

In order to improve the power generation efficiency of the generator and further make it lightweight and miniaturized, it is required to develop high-strength non-magnetic materials for the generator retaining ring, in order to reduce the size and quality of the retaining ring. The company has successfully developed a high-strength non-magnetic stainless steel with high nitrogen content, which consists of (%): C< 0.2,Si< 1.0,Mn15~25,Ni< 1. Cr15-25, N 0.4-1.0, and further add at least one element from V 0.02-0.15, Nb 0.02-0.15, while the rest are iron and unavoidable impurities. The manufacturer introduces that this new steel type is based on traditional non magnetic stainless steel 18Mn-18Cr-N with excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance. By adding an appropriate amount of solid solution strengthening elements vanadium and niobium separately or in combination, it achieves high strength and maintains the excellent non magnetic properties of traditional steel. Nitrogen is a particularly important element in the steel of the present invention, which is solidly soluble in the austenitic phase and effectively improves the strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance of the steel. If nitrogen is less than 0.4%, the effect is not sufficient, but if it exceeds 1%, it will damage the toughness and ductility of the steel. Adding trace amounts of vanadium and/or niobium to the austenite phase can significantly improve the strength, toughness, and cold workability of steel. However, if it exceeds 0.15%, it will form a ferrite phase, damaging the non magnetic properties. Due to the reduction of ductility caused by the formation of strong carbon nitride, the content of vanadium and/or niobium is specified within the range of 0.02 to 0.15%. This high-strength non-magnetic stainless steel is melted into a specified composition in a high-frequency induction furnace, then cast into steel ingots, heated to 1200 degrees, forged into retaining ring billets, cut and processed, heated in a hydrogen atmosphere at 1100 degrees Celsius for solid solution heat treatment, and then subjected to cold processing such as expanding holes to produce finished products, which can obtain tensile strength; 1440MPa, yield point> 1430Mpa, Elongation> 15%, Reduction of Area> 52%, Impact Value> 88J has excellent properties such as high strength and toughness.
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